Amul’s IT-Enabled Service Delivery to Dairy Farmers

Case Solution

Harekrishna Misra, S.R. Asokan
Ivey Publishing ()

The Kaira District Milk Producers Cooperative Union (Kaira Union), a member union of the popular dairy brand Amul, used IT-based services to assist individual dairy farmers with very small herds in the India. Technical inputs, such as B. Veterinary services have been provided by veterinary centers located near village clusters. To improve service delivery, better manage the herd, deploy veterinarians and manage their routes, the union had established a central 24-hour veterinary call center. The call center had generated significant savings in service costs and improved the efficiency of service delivery. The managing director of Kaira Union wanted to expand the call center to include union activities in the states of Maharashtra and West Bengal. However, he wasn’t sure if the current architecture was up to the challenge. Kaira Union had to develop an expansion proposal.

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