AmTran Technology Ltd.

Case Solution

Willy Shih, Jyun-Cheng Wang, Karen Robinson
Harvard Business School ()

As an original design manufacturer (ODM) of televisions and a leading supplier to Vizio, the market leader for LCD flat panel televisions in the United States, AmTran Technology Ltd. what founder Alpha Wu calls the “US” model, in which Western companies do the sales, marketing, and product definition, while Eastern Asian companies, like yours, do design and manufacturing work. Given the pressures of commodification, Wu has the opportunity to license a major television brand. Does that match his model? The case examines the changes that have taken place in the consumer television receiver market and the challenges faced by major players in the analog market such as Sony. It is designed for use with the technical note “Technology Transitions That Destroy the Competition: Why the Transition to Digitization is Particularly Challenging” HBS No. 613024.

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