Allianz Turkey: Focus on the Customer (A)

Case Solution

W. Earl Sasser Jr., Gamze Yucaoglu
Harvard Business School ()

At the age of 39, Solmaz Altƒ ± n assumed command of Allianz Turkey. Solmaz quickly recognized that although the insurance market in Turkey was poorly penetrated, it was operating in a very competitive environment with price pressure and therefore cost control. As a result, customer satisfaction suffered. Despite the growing Turkish economy and a favorable regulatory environment, Solmaz struggled to grow the company without further affecting customer satisfaction or profitability. As part of a service excellence course, the case provides an insurance context in which the relationship between customer satisfaction and competitive performance is explored, and encourages students to reflect on the extent of the relationship between customer satisfaction and competitive performance. customer satisfaction and financial performance. In case (A), Allianz Turkey executives are concentrating their first efforts on the claims process of the auto insurance business, a segment of the insurance industry that is undervalued by its policyholders. They first create a customer experience map and then do extensive consumer research to determine what is truly important to the policyholder. The findings of the detailed consumer analysis differ significantly from the original beliefs of the management team. Students must develop a new customer service model for the claims process based on customer analysis. Case (B) describes the new customer service model for the claims process and the resulting increase in customer satisfaction as measured by the Net Promoter Score (NPS) metric. Students must first decide whether the initial attempt is successful and then develop a plan for the future.

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