Aliada: An Online Platform Matching Maids with Customers in Mexico

Case Solution

Angela Y. Lee, Vasilia Kilibarda Funston
Kellogg School of Management ()

This case puts students in the shoes of Mexican businessman Rodolfo Corcuera of the technology startup Aliada, an online platform that connects domestic workers with clients in Mexico City. With the support of one of Mexico City’s newest venture capital firms, Corcuera’s business needs to grow now and is wondering how to better position its offering for those on whom its business model depends, servants and clients. To address this, students learn basic concepts of psychology that marketers can inform. In particular, they learn how basic human needs (nutrition, safety) promote self-regulation goals (supportive or prevention goals), which in turn affect how people achieve their consumption goals. Students analyze Aliada’s current Facebook ads, watch videos of some of Aliada’s current maids and clients to assess whether they seem more motivated by advertising or prevention goals, and recommend optimal news for Facebook ads and banners. of Metro to make Corcuera more attractive to these two audiences who may have different motivations.

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