Akamai Technologies

Case Solution

Benjamin Edelman, Thomas R. Eisenmann, Eric Van Den Steen
Harvard Business School ()

As the leading content delivery network, Akamai helps Internet businesses deliver website content to end users with less delay and lower costs. Describes the strategic management challenges Akamai faced in early 2004. The company is poised to deliver its next generation of services for enterprise customers that enable them to access Internet-enabled applications (“Web Services”) on demand with a minimal investment of Akamai network capital of 15,000 servers at ISP facilities at the “edge” of the Internet close to end users. Many large business software companies have developed proprietary platforms to create and manage web services. Akamai must decide which of these software companies are attractive partners and whether it can and should not commit to a platform to help customers deliver web services. A rewritten version of a previous case.

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