A User-Centred Approach to Public Services (A)

Case Solution

Ali Farhoomand, Minyi Huang
University of Hong Kong ()

This case describes a user-centered approach to public services and is the result of a pioneering collaboration between the Hong Kong Post and the Hong Kong Design Center. Since operating as a trading fund in 1995, Hong Kong Post has managed to reinvent itself as a dynamic, customer-oriented and market-oriented service company. Thanks to its extensive retail and distribution network and strong brand, Hong Kong Post has developed beyond the traditional postal service to a wide and complete range of services in the logistics supply chain while diversifying into new markets. Hong Kong Post recognizes that the current retail-level post office layout may not be able to accommodate the growing needs and changing patterns of its users. The collaboration between Hong Kong Post and Hong Kong Design Center is an attempt to transfer the user-centered design research approach to public services and apply the concept at the Mongkok Post Office to understand users’ needs and provide a better user experience. and the Operation to Improve the Efficiency of the Mongkok Post Office. Users in this context are both customers and postal workers. Case (A) focuses on internal design, while case (B) focuses on external design.

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