A Non-Traditional Female Entrepreneur (A)

Case Solution

Carol Yeh-Yun Lin, W. Glenn Rowe
Ivey Publishing ()

The president and founder of New Deantronics (ND) established her sales office in San Francisco, California in 1985 and established her factory in Taiwan in 1987. With no technical background or prior experience, through her strategy system and management philosophy, The President established ND’s reputation as a trusted manufacturer and developer of medical devices. All ND products were directly exported to leading global healthcare companies, including Philips Medical Systems, Johnson & Johnson, and Covidien. With the rapid growth of companies, the need to expand production capacities became more and more urgent. Sitting in her office in early 2009, the president knew she could no longer put off moving. You were presented with several options, and the factors that influenced your decision were the considerations of providing high-quality human resources, geographic location, the willingness to relocate of your current employees, affordability, and the possibility of future expansion. The president wondered what the best option would be.

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