A New Team at Tier1 Coaching and Development, Inc.

Case Solution

Laurie L. Levesque, Andrew S. Cheng
North American Case Research Association (NACRA) ()

The co-founder of Tier1 Coaching and Development, Inc., a small training and development company, had to hire entirely new employees after 10 years in business. Drew Nault was one of the top three on this new team and was hired in a newly created position that combined two distinct areas of operational responsibilities. Over time, Nault found that he was frequently asked to justify what he was working on and what added value he had. This case provides an opportunity to critically examine an employee’s struggles with job expectations and performance goals in a newly created position in a small business. What steps can be taken to address work and career issues? What exit strategy might be necessary? Students also examine the employee’s perceived psychological contract with their employer. The Instructor’s Manual describes a number of possible structural, managerial, and interpersonal sources for the problems encountered. This case is best for graduate or advanced students.

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