A-CAT Corp. – Bang for the Bucks

Case Solution

Jitendra R. Sharma
Ivey Publishing ()

The case describes the situation of the Vice President of ACAT Corp. (ACAT), Vidarbha Region, Maharashtra. ACAT manufactured a relatively wide range of household appliances. Typical products in its product line were TV signal amplifiers, transformers, FM radio sets, electronic ballasts, battery chargers, and voltage regulators. The voltage regulators manufactured by ACAT have been used for many different purposes; However, the focus was on its flagship VR500, a 500VA voltage regulator. This model has been exposed to strong competition in recent months and has not been able to meet the growing market expectations. Management was concerned that a significant number of ACAT customers were choosing competitive products. The purpose of the case is 1) to make students aware of the relationship between customer requirements and technical properties of a product 2) to teach students the basics of value analysis 3) to teach students to analyze value for evaluate costs. cutting potential.

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