Elon Musk: Saving the Fate of Tesla

In 2018, Tesla Inc. was one of the highest-rated auto companies in the United States, although it never reported profits. While Elon Musk, founder and CEO of Tesla Inc., was valued for his vision, learning skills, active social media presence, and engagement, he was also criticized for his leadership style and controversial tweets about privatization. …

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Note on Case Learning

This guide, written for students, is intended to aid in case preparation and understanding of case learning.

A New Team at Tier1 Coaching and Development, Inc.

The co-founder of Tier1 Coaching and Development, Inc., a small training and development company, had to hire entirely new employees after 10 years in business. Drew Nault was one of the top three on this new team and was hired in a newly created position that combined two distinct areas of operational responsibilities. Over time, …

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RiskMetrics Group

RiskMetrics Group, a risk and governance consultancy, has had a great impact on American companies. This case examines the history and growth of the company, the governance services it offers, the extent of its impact on shareholders, the controversy surrounding its conflicts of interest, and the impact it has had on its directors.

Managing Diversity at Spencer Owens & Co.

Spencer Owens & Co, an undercover consulting firm, focuses on national and international economic development. As an extension of the company’s commitment to social justice, Spencer Owens management introduced an affirmative action recruitment and promotion program 20 years ago. In 10 years, the company had received the most diverse professional staff and support in the …

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Montgomery Watson Harza and Knowledge Management

Montgomery Watson Harza (MWH) aimed to become a global leader in the water / environment, energy and infrastructure sectors through a growing range of services, products and building capabilities leveraging its global position and knowledge management concepts. . MWH executives wanted to expand the use of knowledge management in geographic and business areas. The protagonist, …

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Alaska Airlines: Navigating Change

Alaska Airlines recently rebounded from a period of operational instability, but executives fear the airline is depleting its reserves of loyalty and goodwill due to losses over the past two years and fluctuations in its on-time flight statistics and mishandled luggage. After concentrating many resources on operations to regain stability, executives wonder if the organization …

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Novo Nordisk Engineering: Running for Fast-Track Project Execution

As CEO of Novo Nordisk Engineering, Hans Ole Voigt has created a vision for the company: NNE should be able to build a pharmaceutical plant in less than a year within five years. The first reactions were quite negative; most employees considered such a goal completely unrealistic. Processes were reviewed, people were trained and, step …

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