Business Corruption in China

It provides an overview of corporate corruption in China and places it in a context that takes into account various political, economic, legal and cultural elements. In particular, it examines the ownership structure and structure of companies in China, identifies sources of corruption, and analyzes the effects of corruption on the country’s social and economic …

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Entrepreneur Pearse Lyons had made Alltech the fastest growing company in the global animal health industry through innovative technology, creative marketing and a strong brand. SelPlex, a patented full-technology product, had shown significant health benefits for animals and humans. Although many brand-name selenium-enriched products have been sold in supermarkets around the world, the company’s current …

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Schweiz Aluminum Alloy Division

In January 2008, the Swiss aluminum alloy division prepares to launch its new GH 1000 alloy. The division was a world leader in the commercialization of relatively exotic, high-strength aluminum alloys. Recently, one of his talented metallurgists had developed a new formulation for an alloy from the 7000 series of high-strength hard alloys. The formulation …

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Rapid Growth Through Internationalization: Applus+

It describes the development of Applus +, the Agbar Group’s business unit, from its inception until 2004, when the company had a solid position both nationally and internationally and faced an important decision regarding future investments.