IBM’s Reinventing Education (B): West Virginia

Describes IBM’s ongoing Reinventing Education initiative to improve K12 public education via information technology developed by IBM’s engineers and consultants. Focuses on one site, West Virginia, to reveal how IBM and the state created a mutually beneficial partnership that provided the basis for the next step of the initiativeReinventing Education 3.

Note on Financial Contracting: “Deals”

It describes the problems involved in the drafting and evaluation of financial contracts between users and investors, and between companies and employees. A simple conceptual framework is presented and some critical questions are addressed: 1) How is cash allocated? 2) How is the risk distributed? and 3) What are the incentives for all parties? The …

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Note on Free Cash Flow Valuation Models

Examine some of the problems encountered when evaluating cash flow flows. A simple model is presented showing the effect of the value of modified assumptions on the appropriate discount rate, the level of profitability, the sales growth rate, the asset intensity index, and the leverage ratio. Help students address some of the following problems: 1) …

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Celtel International B.V.

Mo Ibrahim, CEO of Celtel International, the largest wireless operator in sub-Saharan Africa, has to decide on the future of his company. After an astonishing six years of going from minority positions in three countries to nearly $ 1 billion in sales and 14 offices in 13 countries, the company has three options: try an …

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Clarion Optical Co.

It focuses on two people’s attempts to acquire Clarion Optical Co. Forces students to consider alternative ways to finance the purchase; Generate proforma cash flows to evaluate the viability of these proposals; Estimate the sources and magnitudes of the financial return for each of the parties involved; and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the …

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Danimal in South Africa: Management Innovation at the Bottom of the Pyramid

The case focuses on management innovations in the South African dairy industry and describes how an innovative new yogurt product, Danimal, was developed specifically for the bottom of the pyramid market. Explain how product line management has incorporated the various innovation opportunities and challenges. The concept was initially introduced to test the feasibility of serving …

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Grand Circle Travel: Where Risk Comes with the Territory

A global travel company is naturally exposed to the risks of natural and man-made disasters. How do you organize a business successfully when it has to deal with dangers, from small breakdowns to major disasters, almost every day? Alan and Harriet Lewis have created a successful travel company based on their idea of ​​”extreme competitive …

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