Industrial Products AG Thailand (A)

Dougal Simpson, a seasoned Australian manager with 20 years of experience at Industrial Products AG (IPAG), a large Swiss company in the plastics and industrial chemicals sector, took over as Managing Director South East Asia. Simpson, who had lived abroad for many years, moved to Thailand with his family. He describes his first meeting with …

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Chrysalis Capital: Venture Capital in an Emerging Market

Research the formation and early development of an Indian venture capital company. It focuses on the opportunities in India’s high-tech sector, how the founders adapted the US venture capital model to an emerging market context, and the organizational challenges of initial success.

Yahoo! in China (B)

It describes the steps Jerry Yang took to deal with the aftermath of the Shi Tao incident after the 2007 Congressional hearing.

Expropriation in International Business

He handles several important expropriation cases in 20th century international business and highlights the legal and political difficulties faced by these companies. It is used to explain expropriations, to emphasize the vulnerability of FDI to political risks in host countries, and to discuss the limits of international property law.

Withdrawing Water from an Aquifer: The Economics

Water is a renewable natural resource. Powered by solar energy and gravity, the global water cycle circulates indefinitely through the atmosphere, across continents and oceans. However, at the local level, water is sometimes more non-renewable in nature because it can be depleted at least to some extent. Removing too much water from an aquifer, which, …

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Institutions, Institutional Change, and Economic Performance

Why are some countries so much richer than others? This tech note suggests a framework in which to begin answering this question. The first part identifies inefficient institutions as the root cause of economic differences between societies. The second part analyzes how these institutions are changing. And the last part suggests how the lessons of …

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GROWING PAINS: Entrepreneurship in a State-Controlled Economy

This case describes the process of establishing and developing a joint venture in the United States in Belarus that will manufacture wood pellets in Belarus for sale in European Union countries. The combination of the high demand for biofuels in EU countries and the potential to make a good product at a low price in …

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Denmark: Globalization and the Welfare State

This case describes how Denmark has offset the effects of globalization, including outsourcing and the free movement of labor, with its social benefits. Reforms implemented in the past two decades have reduced unemployment, encouraged new business creation, and placed the country at or near the top in international polls for ease of doing business. The …

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