Domestic Auto Parts

Describes a management team meeting to discuss business restructuring strategy. The exercise consists of creating a strategy map and a balanced scorecard to capture the new strategy.

Caterpillar Inc. Taps the Chinese Bond Market

An MBA graduate prepares for a possible interview with Caterpillar Inc. by reading about the company’s long history of heavy equipment manufacturing in China and its continued optimism about the heavy equipment market in that country. He also learns that the company has financed some of its business and growth in China by issuing bonds …

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Shop Thursdays: Post COVID-19 Strategy

In mid-2020, the co-founder of Toronto’s stationary online womenswear boutique Shop Thursday reflected on how best to position her business for growth once the global COVID19 pandemic is resolved. The boutique, which had two fixed locations in addition to its online presence, provided its customers with the latest and most fashionable styles. When the COVID19 …

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Intuit, Inc.

Merging two computer software companies with fast-growing, non-overlapping products is strategically very sensible, but it raises difficult valuation and accounting issues. How can a company pay $ 225 million to acquire another company with negligible continuing income that promises an immediate one-time charge of $ 150 million, including $ 65 million in depreciation over the …

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Subprime Meltdown: American Housing and Global Financial Turmoil

This case focuses on the financial difficulties the United States faced from August to December 2006, as well as its roots in subprime loans. After briefly analyzing how pre-1990 mortgages were structured and negotiated, he describes subprime mortgages, as well as other groundbreaking mortgages that were issued in the 1990s. It also discusses how these …

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Teletech Corporation, 1996

In January 1996, the leader economic officer need to style a reaction to a raider who claims that a primary enterprise section of the employer must be bought as it isn’t incomes a best charge of return (ROR). The case recounts the talk in the employer over the usage of a unmarried hurdle charge to …

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Supermarket chain “Atl├íntida” is considering investing in a new telephone order delivery service. The project will have a duration of 5 years. Learning objectives: The objective of the case is the analysis of projects, the creation of cash flow maps, NPV and general investment planning.

Chardonnay Shortage at Mondavi Winery

The Mondavi winery is battling the Chardonnay wine shortage. This deficiency will disrupt your positioning in wine cellars and affect your results. It allows students to discuss how these temporary but financially significant shocks can be communicated to the capital markets and other Mondavi stakeholders. Mondavi’s problems in meeting previous earnings forecasts below also allow …

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Hang Lung Properties and the Chengdu Decision (B)

Second phase auction for a premium retail development package in Chengdu, China. Competition is forcing the company to rethink all of its property purchase criteria. Hang Lung Properties are known for their rigorous due diligence, property buying discipline, and a good understanding of market cycles. Case (B) shows the company’s assumptions in the Chengdu situation …

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